Black Mirror – White Christmas

It’s back and better than ever this year with three tales wrapped into one in that wonderful portmanteau style. Once again I’ve been given the arduous task of VFX supervision together with our great team at Painting Practice.

I can’t release any set pics yet but look at this cast!! Apparently John Hamm is famous and they were all great to work with especially Rafe Spall. Sadly I don’t have a pic of Rasmus Hardiker (Saxondale) who also stars in this episode –  He is a legend in his own right and a thoroughly pleasant chap! Get ready for it, because it’s utterly depressing and disturbing but in the usual glorious way!!

blackmirrorxmas1 jon-hamm-black-mirror-white-christmas uktv-black-mirror-christmas-special-2014-4 uktv-black-mirror-christmas-special-2014-5


Black Mirror Season Two


Well folks it’s finally on the telly and all our hard work is paying off, as once again Painting Practice, Joel Collins, Robyn Paiba and myself were all involved with this fantastic show. The buzz during and after the first episode ‘ Be Right Back’ was spectacular. Everyone was loving our VFX and design – if only that technology was available now!



We are about to complete post on White Bear which is scheduled for next weeks slot so watch out for this one as it’s going to really mess you up!

Black Mirror – Channel 4 Monday’s @ 10pm

Les Ferrets…

Les Ferrets! Frances answer to the Compare the Market brand, we came we pitched we lost, but enjoyed the ride. The brief was to design an underground ‘Bond’ like headquarters for this mastermind race of Ferrets, that are constantly looking for great deals or on car insurance etc..

I managed to turn out these delightful thumbnails for another artist to work from, he did a cracking job, but we lost  the job to another production company…hey ho!


Toyota Prius Sketches

A couple of months ago I was involved with some early development of a Toyota Prius commercial directed by Sam Mason of Passion Pictures. Although our brilliant team of artists at Painting Practice took up the bulk of the work with their finest crayons, I was able to squeeze out a couple of sketches.

I worked on the design of the gas station and the city that all the cars drive through. Of course it changed dramatically after I left it and became something far greater, but it was fun to bash out a few doodles.

Watch the full commercial here in glorious colour!

Space Invaders

Almost a year and a half ago I was asked to develop some ideas for a potential Space Invaders movie, for my old mate Garth Jennings. We looked at taking the original silhouettes from the video game and turning these into something more technical and believable.

Garth came up with the idea that the invaders fall to earth wearing metal exo-skeletons that doubled as flying craft, or vehicles for digging into the earth, making them hard little brutes but on the inside very soft.

Each wave had it’s own purpose, Bomber, Diggers, and Drillers, and so on, all relating to the story treatment of course – which I cannot divulge. But I can show you finally what our take was on these extra terrestrial terrors!

Size and scale of the invasion was always developing, we switched from hulking great machines to smaller ‘Gremlins’ but thousands of them much like the video game itself.

I developed a series of rough ideas as to how we could tease the idea through posters promoting the movie as they gave us little snippets of story ideas without giving the whole game away. Developing such a well loved video game into a movie required a lot more time than we had so when we came across a neat idea I dropped it into a poster and isolated it.

Space Shuttle Concept Art

Over at io9 there’s a great post featuring this awesome concept art created during the development of the space shuttle. It harks back to the look of early 50’s and 60’s Sci-Fi art with all it’s charm and seduction of what the future will bring. The images can also be found over at Lines and Colours, where blogger Charlie Parker has selected a few favourites.